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“I took a HUGE leap of faith when I signed up for Connected Growth. I had just gotten back from traveling for 6 months and barely had $700 to my name. Which needed to go to rent, food, gas, and general life living. I didn't have have secure employment. It was day to day as I got my feet back under me on my home soil.

I was in the biggest transition of my life after ending a long-term relationship and re-starting my life after so much had changed inside of me. I needed guidance. I was on the brink of falling apart. Jen had asked me if I knew anyone that might need what they were offering. "YES", I replied. "Me."

Those two coached me along as I knit the pieces of my life back together - I had no idea where to start and having their guidance, support, consistency and practical tools helped me to move forward. Some days the steps I took were long strides, and some days they were epically tiny. Week 7 I almost dropped out as my patterns…they were so powerfully coaching me through…almost thrust me backwards. With their support and belief in me... and their love and guidance - they reminded me that this was all about my commitment to myself. The gently nudged me forward through their quiet but still-strong presence - allowing me to make the decision for myself to keep moving forward.

And, honestly, that's what did it. Through Connected Growth, Jen and Amanda gave me tools through lessons in Feng Shui and Mindset Training/Shifting that have helped me take more conscious control over my life. This course helped me transform the way I approach situations and make decisions with more clarity and trust in myself - something I could NOT do before I started. I battled with myself like crazy over those 9 weeks - fighting against my patterns and pushing against that spiral that normally would send me down the drain. They gave me tools to help me walk forward with more power, stength and awareness against that spiral so I can help myself during those times of self-doubt.

I literally experienced things shift right before my eyes as I implemented Feng Shui principles that were specific to my space. And when thoughts that would normally debilitate me come to my mind, I can see them and think consciously about them - allowing myself to think more critically and help take the emotion out of it so I can keep my feet more firmly planted. I felt the shifts.

My life has changed in the most powerful way - and when I look back on the past few months since I arrived home, I can't believe how much my life has changed on the inside… and outside. I am allowing love for myself in for the first time. I am taking control of my life. I have clarity. I have new confidence. I have tools and momentum to move forward. Sounds extreme and cliche, but honestly.. this course changed my f'ing life!”

This program is for you if:

  • You are ready for change. You are ready to lift out of what's not working. You are ready to ignite everything that is working and bring it to the next level. 

  • You work best studying yourself and making changes, but embrace the power and guidance of doing this important work with expert coaches, and a community of others on the same path, for accountability and clarity.

  • You aren't new to personal growth and development, but want to massively improve the results you've been getting. 

  • You have an open heart and mind and are ready to safely explore places you haven't gone before...places you didn't even know existed within yourself.

  • You know that if you decide to commit the time to this work now, you will reap the benefits and rewards for years to come.



This dynamic team of Feng Shui meets life coaching allows you to discover yourself in ways that are incredibly eye opening. I found strengths in didn’t know I had as well as rediscovering some of my best strengths. I also learned physical things I could do to improve the positive flow of energy in my living space and every space I spend time in to increase my connected-ness to all things Mary. Incredibly powerful, self discovery that moves me every time I tap into it. I came away with a road map to repeating the steps any time I might get stuck! Awesome, awesome, awesomeness and well worth every penny! 💙💙

Mary Philstetler

Amber Lilyestrom

I have been working with Jen Heilman since we moved in to our new home and have been blown away with what we've learned and have been able to implement through her teaching and personal support. Imagine if you could up the abundance ante and the energy in your life by making a few intentional tweaks to your space? Jen has helped us "shway" our new house and the shifts in energy, abundance and flow have been amazing. I cannot speak more highly about Jen and her super (intuitive) powers. Shway on!! xo

Amber Lilyestrom- Branding and Business Coach

Krista Meyers

“I just got off a FANTASTIC coaching call with the one and only, Amanda Kingsley and I am highly impressed by her service. She has a knack for asking the questions that bring about change, action, inspiration, and "ah-ha" moments. Thanks again, Amanda for your wisdom, your guidance, and support. You are such a gift!

Krista Meyers- Founding Member and Leader with Alphay International


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Our commitment to you as your mentors, guides and coaches:

  • to guide you with the intention for tremendous change

  • to see and accept all of you

  • to help you understand what's been holding you back

  • to help you look at your life from a new perspective

  • to show up in our fullest potential with a mission to help you live the
    life you have always dreamed of living.

We're committed to making sure that everyone who says "YES" 
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