Discover Who Your Are

A Powerful 5 Day Self-Directed Course


Chaos gets the best of all of us, especially during transitions.

School Projects.
Sports schedules.
Work deadlines.
House guests.
Everyone moving in different directions.
Feeling unsettled and ungrounded.
Feeling lost.
Wondering where to start...

Start here!

There’s a way out of the CHAOS, and we know exactly what it is.

The purpose of this 5 Day Course is to guide you towards
-Understanding who you are at your core. 
-Embracing and celebrating what you are truly capable of.
-Choosing to be you at your very best....everyday.
-Feeling energized and empowered by this new awareness and new way of being

Discover Who You Are and Thrive Through the Chaos! 
Go at your own pace!

Frequently asked questions:

  1. What will I have to do everyday during the challenge?

    Once purchased, you’ll gain access to our password protected webpage with all five day’s material.
    Each day we will ask you to take a few minutes to do some journaling, and then suggest a simple corresponding Feng Shui action. For those who like to listen we will describe each of these in audio right on the webpage. You'll also have access to download a PDF if you prefer.

  2. Can I sign up and do the course at my own pace?

    YES! The content will be useful far beyond the 5 days, and we always encourage you to run through it more than one time. Each time you will see and learn things you hadn’t yet discovered, and as you grow your mind and home will grow with you!

  3. If I have questions along the way can I reach out to you for support?

    Yes! We love hearing from all of our clients and are here to support you through your growth and expansion. Simply send us an email and we’ll be in touch within 48 hours.