Bagua Interviews: Wealth & Abundance

Bagua Interviews: Wealth & Abundance

Did you know that there's a place in your home and office directly related to wealth & abundance, and that keeping this space energetically flowing with Feng Shui principles will open your life up to a whole new level of financial security and self-worth?

What’s the most important thing to know about this area?

  • Gratitude, Security, Trust

How does this space connect out to the bigger picture and more intimately in to ourselves and our families?

  • Discover your money story so you don’t pass it along to the next generation.

What are the most effective DOs and DON’Ts for this area?

  • Keep clear of clutter and the fire element

  • Add the color purple or green

If our listeners were to do one thing in their Wealth & Abundance area, what would you suggest?

  • An item that symbolizes wealth to you

~Journal Prompts

  • How are you grateful for your bills?

  • What’s the difference in your life between surviving and THRIVING?

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Bagua: Wealth & Abundance
Bagua: Wealth & Abundance
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