Fuel For Your Confidence

Fuel For Your Confidence

Fuel your confidence by staying in integrity with your truth, and in a state of truth.

Joy is Confidence.
— Raabiya Hilmiya

I decided that this was the week to overhaul my Fame and Reputation area. My life has been in FULL BLOWN JOY since the very minute I finished. Improved clarity, increased creativity, clearer communication, more fun, and lots of INSPIRED ACTION. ~Amanda

Here’s a few highlights from this week’s episode:

  • Showing up with integrity brings a natural sense of confidence

  • Gift yourself more JOY

  • Cultivate your confidence

  • Give yourself Grace & Space

  • What does visibility really mean?

  • Mind, body, soul alignment routines

  • Curate your little bag of tricks

  • What stories are you believing?

  • How do you catch yourself when you slip out of JOY?

  • Friendly body cues?

  • What are your natural cycles/seasons?

  • It’s ok to not know where you are going.


  • Grab your journal and explore:

    • What brings you joy?

    • What goes in your “little bag of tricks”?

Believing in YOU,
Jen & Amanda

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