Spring Cleaning SHWAY Style

Spring Cleaning SHWAY Style

Make Spring Cleaning fun and purposeful with Feng Shui


  • Help move the energy with some music and open windows.

    • Send us your Spring Cleaning Playlist

  • Make a list of your tasks and set a mantra or intention for each task.

Feng Shui Action:

  • Pay attention to your bagua.

    • As you clean notice what area of the bagua you are in.

    • What areas build up clutter or mess.

    • What am I feeling as I work in each area?

  • Use landscaping to guide people to you.

Journalling/Thought work:

  • What’s really happening here, what are the facts?

  • Have I asked for the help that I need?

  • How will I feel when this is done?

Useful Links:

Understanding the Feng Shui bagua map: http://www.jenheilman.com/blog/2018/6/27/the-bagua-map-the-most-important-tool-in-feng-shui

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