Applying the Tools to Your Relationships

Applying the Tools to Your Relationships

The answers you’ve been looking for are right in front of you,
but first you have to decide to look and listen.

When you stop expecting people to be perfect, you can like them for who they are.
— Donald Miller

^Including YOU ^

Here’s a few highlights from this week’s episode:

  • Using the Bagua Map and The Model to navigate relationship struggles

  • Thought downloads show us what’s really happening in our brains

  • Our thoughts create our feelings, our feelings lead to our actions, and actions are what create the results in our life

  • It’s never about the other person- really…!

  • You have to have compassion for yourself in order to have true compassion for another human being, otherwise their struggle is just reflecting and triggering your struggle

  • There’s a corresponding space in your home that matches your core struggle

  • Pay attention to the balance in your bedroom

  • How to use mirrors in the bedroom:

  • Pay attention to the results after you make feng shui shifts

  • Grab your journal and explore:

    • Start with a thought download
      What thoughts stand out for you; what’s the core of your struggle?

    • What’s happening in your space?
      How can you set yourself up for success?

Believing in YOU,
Jen & Amanda

As always:

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Relationship Tools
Your Role in Your Relationships

Your Role in Your Relationships

Healthier Relationships Start with YOU

Healthier Relationships Start with YOU