Raising Your Receiving Levels

Raising Your Receiving Levels

You’ve been wishing, praying, asking, but are you open to receiving?
Everything you desire comes when you are open and holding space to receive.

“If you wish for light, be ready to receive light.” -Rumi

I was in the checkout line at the grocery store recently and realized that my credit card, which I keep in my phone case, was missing. I knew right where it was- at home on my desk, about 7 miles from where I needed it. With a line behind me, already bagged groceries, and a five year old at my side I started counting cash, but I was at least $20 short and needed everything on the list for a school event that night. The woman behind me asked how much I needed and I immediately put up my wall. That’s right… a stranger offered me grocery money in a pinch and I didn’t even answer her. I can’t remember what exactly I said, but it was something along the lines of “I can’t take your money”. This my friends is not how the art of receiving flows. This was a flat out refusal to receive, otherwise known as self-sabotage. You see, when we ask for more financial abundance in our lives, we don’t get to then decide exactly where it comes from. Our job is to stay open, listen, and receive the blessings that surround us. I however, let embarrassment, pride, and blindness get in the way.

This story doesn’t just apply to grocery stores and cash flow. It applies to everything! So many of us ask, wish, and pray for things, and then we build walls. We want to leave our job, but we ignore inquiries about starting businesses or offers to take classes. We want more romantic relationships and then we judge the gifts our loved one brings home. We are looking for healthier lifestyles, but we “can’t” make time to go for the hikes our friends keep offering. Our ability to block reception is shockingly efficient, and it disguises itself in many different ways including habit, excuses, and big feelings.

If you’ve been asking for something in life. If you’ve been feeling a longing for a shift of some kind, start with awareness and when you’re ready explore all the ways you can raise your receiving levels.

Here’s a few of our favorites to try:

  • Think about your receiving levels like a thermometer gauge with a capacity to reach 100. On a scale of 0-100 where are you at right now? Pick the first number that comes to mind. Now in your mind, imagine raising that level as high as you can. Did you get to 100? Stuck at 80? Sometimes this simple awareness and visualization is just enough to raise your receiving levels.

  • The fourth chakra receives the highest amount of energy. This space lies right in-between your shoulder blades.  “When this chakra is open—its normal state—and allows energy in, it receives health, love, joy, and wealth. Many people refuse to receive, and energetically block this chakra, withholding deserved abundance and healing.” (Marie Manuchehri) You can open this chakra through music, meditation, and or boosting the color green in your life. You can also stimulate reception by standing with your back to the shower and letting the water pour between your should blades.

  • Use the guidance of the Feng Shui Bagua Map or the Feng Shui School to start exploring your Love and Relationship Area to raise your receiving levels and deepen your connection to how truly deserving you are. Take a look at your space is there anything blocking your ability to receive? Any doors that won’t open, piles of clutter blocking the traffic flow, storage room that are FULL with no more room to receive anything else? Our space symbolizes our beliefs and thoughts. Changing the energy in your space can help change the energy in your life.

  • Grab your journal and start writing.

    • What’s one thing you REALLY want?

    • List at least 3 reasons you want it.

    • List ten reasons you are worthy of receiving this thing.

    • Notice what this brings up for you.

    • Where can you dig deeper on your own or with a coach?

Receiving is an art. Even though it’s your natural state, it takes practice to stay in receiving mode. Pay attention to how it feels. Make conscious decisions about what you want in life and as always be kind and gentle on yourself, asking for support along the way. We’re destined for fruitful and rewarding lives, but they come through our awareness, and our willingness to show up and take action.

Believing in YOU,
Jen & Amanda

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