Queer Eye Nails It

Queer Eye Nails It

Netflix nails the TV series Queer Eye with a whole person transformation. We dig it!

Don’t know what Queer Eye is? Check them out in your own google search or here on their Facebook Page.


  • They’ve got us “beat” with 5 pillars

    • Style

    • Diet/Nutrition

    • Home-makeover

    • Skin Care/Beauty

    • Culture

  • They make transformation FUN!

  • They drop so many nuggets of wisdom that you can’t help but latch on to a few or more

Feng Shui Action:

  • How can you make your space more YOU?

  • Set your space up for who you want to be, not who you are

Journalling/Thought work:

  • How can you step out of your comfort zone to come back to who you truly are?

  • Which parts of yourself are you ready to reunite with?

  • Who is your Queer Eye Team (who can you enlist to support your next transformation)?

Useful Links:

Understanding the Feng Shui bagua map: http://www.jenheilman.com/blog/2018/6/27/the-bagua-map-the-most-important-tool-in-feng-shui

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Queer Eye
Queer Eye
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