In Touch With Spirit

In Touch With Spirit

In Touch With Spirit guest expert Jess Steinman talks to us about
connecting with our intuition and accessing the greater spiritual perspective.


  • Jess Steinman is a Psychic Medium, Intuitive Tarot Reader and Teacher, Integrated Energy Therapy® Master Instructor, Advanced Reiki Practitioner, and practitioner of Crystal Healing and Total Energetics (The Science and Art of Trance-Formation)

  • Getting connected- to your purpose, your intuition, the greater energies at play, to passed loved ones, clarity

  • How to be guided by spirit and intuition in your MID-life place

  • “Our intuition is our heart’s compass”

  • Get unstuck

Feng Shui Action:

Journalling/Thought work:

  • How can I start listening to my intuition?
    What do I already know that I’m ignoring?

  • Who are my guides?
    How do I connect with them?

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Feng Shui
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