Gathering in Person

Gathering in Person

There's nothing quite like a room full of like-minded women
gathering with an intention for connection and growth.


  • When we are in a physical space together there’s an energetic exchange that happens naturally

  • Everyone has something to offer

  • Storytelling is such a deep part of how we learn and grow

  • The heart hand connection is tangible and powerful

  • There’s so much JOY in gathering together for meals with like minded women

  • The wake-live-sleep cycle is a beautiful thing to experience in a group of women

    • Releasing inhibitions

    • Sharing feelings

    • Working together

Feng Shui Action:

  • Is there a space in your home where you can invite others to join you?

  • Does your home feel welcoming? Does it invite connection?

Journalling/Thought work:

  • When was the last time you gathered in circle with other women, or like-minded people for an entire 24 hours?

  • What kinds of feelings did it bring up?

  • What would your “perfect” connection and growth gathering look like?

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Gathering in Person
Gathering in Person
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