Building Your Daily Practice

Building Your Daily Practice

To show up authentically and consistently,
build a foundation of self-care and daily practice.

“A daily ritual is a way of saying
I’m voting for myself
I’m taking care of myself.”
-Mariel Hemingway

Did you know we make and use a custom planner with the tools we teach? Neither of us used it in June and things got wacky! We are all in for July and open to sharing the template with a few beta testers. Let us know if you are interested.

Here’s a few highlights from this week’s episode:

  • Know what works for you: keep learning, keep changing, be aware.

  • Daily practice allows you to show up in alignment.

  • When you show up authentically you magnetize the right people.

  • How can you piggy back new rituals onto old habits?

  • Dig deep into the layers hiding under the surface to discover where you are getting stuck.

  • Grab your journal and explore:

    • What keeps me grounded?

    • What brings me back to focus?

    • What activities center me?

Believing in YOU,
Jen & Amanda

As always:

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