Plant and Energy Healing with Clare Pearson

Plant and Energy Healing with Clare Pearson

See the “divine spark” in you, and open your heart to love.

“Plant spirit medicine is the shaman's way with plants. It recognizes that plants have spirit and that spirit is the strongest medicine. Spirit can heal the deepest reaches of the heart and soul.” -Elliot Cowan

Plants have been calling Clare for some 30 years. She left college with a degree in Microbiology but by unforeseen circumstance, with a husband and baby, ended up becoming a farmer. She became so inextricably linked to the land that she just couldn’t see herself not working in and with Nature. Having children and working the land led her to finding natural remedies for colds, flus and boo-boos! Plant Spirit Medicine was a natural next step in a trajectory she hardly realized she was on. Her relationship with plants is deep and sweet, challenging and profound in its ability to cross a bridge and reach people where they’re at.

She came to Energy Clearing by way of a friend who noticed that she liked to listen below the words. Energy Clearing is a form of Psychic Reading that clears away the stress that tethers us, ties us up. It’s relaxing and holds the potential for new spaciousness and fulfillment for people.

You can learn more about Clare and her amazing work at

Both of us have worked with Clare for many years and continue to be in awe of her skill and her wisdom:

I started working with Clare to help resolve a challenging personal relationship I was navigating. I wanted so badly to heal, to free myself of the inner dialogue that was weighing me down and cluttering up my life. Not only did Clare’s work help me clear that long standing pain, working with her and the plants improved my physical health, my relationship with my husband, my mothering, my friendships, and most importantly my ability to take personal responsibility and create a life I felt present in. I am forever grateful to have Clare in our community and in my life.
— Amanda Kingsley
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— Jen Heilman

Some wise word highlights from Clare:

  • …found and understood love through farming and parenting…

  • …”live in a way that our greatest passion meets the world’s greatest need”~ F.B.…

  • …health is not linear…

  • …whatever you grow in is what you are made of…

  • …we vision forward…

  • …plants have so much to offer us…

  • …in treatment we reshuffle the undergirding to build you back up and allow you to move forward…

  • …we need each other, we can’t do this work alone (human beings are herd animals)…

  • …nobody is exempt from feeling life’s stresses…

  • Use the guidance of the Feng Shui Bagua Map or the Feng Shui School to start exploring your Health and Wellness in new ways such as working with practitioners like Clare

  • Grab your journal and start writing.

    • What’s does your body mind and spirit need next?

    • What’s in the way? How can it be moved?

    • Who are the local healers in your area?

Believing in YOU,
Jen , Amanda, & Clare

As always:

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Clare Pearson- Plant Spirit Medicine
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