Releasing the Pressure of Comparison

Releasing the Pressure of Comparison

It’s super duper easy to find yourself spiraling in comparison,
but if it’s not motivating you to take action on your goals,
it might not be where you want to hang.

The most common themes of comparisonitis:

  • Never feeling like their doing it right

  • Wondering how others make time

  • Everyone else looks like they have it all figured out

  • Grass is greener in someone else's yard

  • Always trying to catch

  • Teaching your kids about difference and “fairness”

~Journal Prompts

  • How can I allow others to be an inspiration rather than a standard I am supposed to live up to?

    • (how exciting that that’s possible) (how exciting that that exists)

~Feng Shui

Knowledge & Self-Cultivation Area

  • Removing all distractions from the outside world-

    • Magazines, Newspapers, Media, TV, etc.

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