The Most Important Relationship You Have

The Most Important Relationship You Have

Do you love you as much as we love you?
It’s good stuff. You should try it.

We’re programed as human beings in this culture to believe that the love that exists between two people is the greatest love of all, especially when it comes to the love we have for our children and our life partners. This is all well and good except that it sends a mixed message that somehow other people make us complete, that without that love we are in some way broken.

Loneliness and heartbreak are real things and they’re not emotions any human being voluntarily signs up for, but they are part of the human experience and there is nothing wrong with them. When we experience these emotions the most important thing we can do for ourselves is to recognize that we are whole and complete despite the pain or desire that floods around us. Choosing to feel whole and complete in no way detracts from the love we have for someone we’ve lost or someone we’re longing for, it simply allows us to heal and to attract the kind of love we are looking for.

~Journal Prompts

  • Are you ready?

  • What does self-care look like in your life right now? How are you nurturing yourself so that you are showing up in the world as someone who is whole and complete?

  • What thoughts do you have on replay about yourself? Are they nourishing your spirit or keeping you stuck?

~Feng Shui

  • Find the Love & Relationships area of your home. (see link below for directions)

  • Decide what you want...what issue are you specifically trying to solve?

  • Become aware of what’s happening in your space. What is it trying to express to you about your current relationship issues? Notice if it’s a happy space, a lonely space, an empty space, a cluttered space?

  • Notice all the THINGS in your space. Do they reflect the kind of energy you desire in your relationships?  If not, remove them.

  • Empower your space with:

    • The color pink (out in the open or hidden)

    • Soft inviting materials

    • Items, symbols, artwork or photos that represent positive feelings of love towards yourself and others

  • Look for the signs...Watch as the magic unfolds

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Feng Shui Love
Feng Shui Love

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