Staying YOU While Parenting Your Kids

Staying YOU While Parenting Your Kids

This parenting thing is no joke.

Let’s stick together for our kids and for ourselves.

Everyone tells you that it will “fly by” at all the times you don’t want to hear it. You’re a new mom practically drowning in care-taking and they giggle and say, “Someday you’ll miss it.” You’re instinct is to punch someone or something and stick up a middle finger, but then it happens…your kid heads to kindergarten, high school, college… and there you are missing the dirty diapers and chubby baby legs.

As if missing your kids isn’t enough, on top of this heartache you realize you no longer know who you are. In all the sports games, and sleepovers, you lost connection to your own passions and dreams, and now here you are in the quiet of your new life wondering, what’s next?

That’s where we come in, to be your guides back to ReDiscovering YOU. There are lots of ways we can help you in…but here’s a few to get you started.

~Journal prompts

  • Make a list of 100 activities you could do with one free hour. Let your mind go crazy: write things you have always wanted to do, things you're afraid to do, things you think you’d rather die than doing, write it all… go crazy!

  • Read through the list and notice what’s happening in your body as you imagine doing each of these things.

  • Now circle 10 and add them to your bucket list

~Feng Shui

  • Find the Creativity & Children area of your home.

  • Decide what you want...what issue are you specifically trying to solve?

  • Become aware of what’s happening in your space. What is it trying to show you about your ability to creatively express yourself? Notice if it’s an open, inspiring space or something different.

  • Do the THINGS in the space make you feel creative and inspired? If not, remove them.

  • Empower your space with:

    • The color white or metal objects

    • Items, symbols, artwork or photos that connect you to your authentic creative expression...connecting you back to your core self.

Look for the signs...Watch as the magic unfolds

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