How about Some Self-Discovery?

How about Some Self-Discovery?

We think you are a pretty cool cat!
When was the last time you took a look at who you really are?

We believe that the most important investment you can make is in yourself. You’d think that the easiest person to get to know would be yourself, but in fact it takes commitment, forgiveness, and courage to really get to know yourself and to choose growth over stagnation.

When we choose to really look inside our minds and as Abraham Hicks would call  it- our inner being, we are continually blown away. Have you ever sat down to write someone a card or a letter and realized that in the writing to them, pen to paper, your feelings for that person came to light in a whole new way. We grow and expand every time we put our focus into self-discovery, and when we grow and expand we are able to show up to the purpose we were born here to live.

~Journal Prompts

  • Who do you spend most of your time with? Are these people encouraging you to grow or keeping you stuck?

  • What are you reading, watching, and listening to? Is it inspiring you?

  • What can you do today that will open the pathway to self-discovery just a little bit more.

~Feng Shui

  • Find the Knowledge & Self-Cultivation area of your home. (see link below)

  • Become aware of what’s happening in your space. What is your space trying to show you about this area of your life? Are you blocking your pathway to self-discovery and self-cultivation? Notice if it is open and clear, nothing distracting you, nothing to block you on your journey?   

  • Do the THINGS in the space make you feel empowered in who you are becoming? Do they make you feel open and clear? If not, remove them.

  • Empower your space with:

    • The water element

    • The color blue

    • Items, symbols, artwork or photos that help you get curious about who you are at your core so you can feel empowered and thrive from there.

    • Look for the signs...Watch as the magic unfolds

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