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What is the podcast about?

  • ReDiscovering who you are!

  • Feng Shui

  • Life Coaching

  • Inspired Action

  • Living your purpose

  • Making a difference

  • Feeling energized and empowered in your life

Who is it for?

  • Women looking to connect back to something they have lost

  • Women who want to make a difference in the world

  • Women who know they are meant for more

  • Women who are looking to maintain forward momentum and growth

  • Women who are willing to show up and do the work

What can you expect?

  • Us to show up fully and transparently and to do the work with you

  • Recognition of people who are making a difference

  • Weekly journal prompts

  • Feng shui action steps

  • Weekly episodes accessible in iTunes, YouTube, and our website blog (making this EASY for you)

Links and mentions:

Understanding the Feng Shui bagua map: http://www.jenheilman.com/blog/2018/6/27/the-bagua-map-the-most-important-tool-in-feng-shui

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How about Some Self-Discovery?

How about Some Self-Discovery?