Stop Running in Circles

Stop Running in Circles

Have you done enough mindless dishes,
laundry, and carpool driving to last a lifetime?

What if you could do what needs to get done
without feeling like you’re stuck?

The most common feelings when running in circles:

  • Groundhog Day

  • Lack of forward momentum

  • Always playing catching up

  • Lack of passion

  • Doom...

~This week’s Journal Prompt

  • What small change can I make to switch things up?

    • Ask for help, add self-care, make time for a passion, start dreaming again

~This week’s Feng Shui Suggestions

  • Take a look at your Helpful People Area- Being Supported

    • This area connects us to our resources and brings us back into focus with our purpose

    • Adding water and metal elements

    • Remembering that you’re never alone, we’re meant to do this in community and with support

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