Sustainable Growth

Sustainable Growth

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The most important elements of sustainable growth:

  • Balance: inspired action, mindset, spirituality

  • Avoid Burnout

  • Stay grounded in who you are

  • Focus on what feels good

~Journal Prompts

  • What are all the balancing elements in your unique growth?

    • Are they yours or someone else’s?

  • Keep asking yourself, “When I think about my big vision, does what I’m doing right now feel good?”

~Feng Shui

  • Knowledge and Self-Cultivation Area.

    • Is it open and clear?

    • Is it quiet?

    • Can you hear the whisper of your inner wisdom in this space?

    • When this area feels supportive you will have higher access to what is going to make you feel good today.

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Connected Growth Coaching
Connected Growth Coaching
Bagua Interviews: Knowledge & Self-Cultivation

Bagua Interviews: Knowledge & Self-Cultivation

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