How you do one thing...

How you do one thing...

It matters.
All your choices matter because they are a reflection
of how you are living the big picture.
Come see!

Bullet point discussion for this big topic:

  • Notice the common themes in your life

  • What are the things that trigger you, trying to show you

  • Follow your truth and the universe responds

~This week’s Journal Prompts

  • What stories are you carrying from one place to the next?

  • Are there patterns or phrases that you find yourself repeating?

  • Are you making changes or leaving things thinking “it will be better over there”?

~This Week’s Feng Shui tips

  • Knowledge & Self-Cultivation Area

  • Notice the recurring patterns that show up in this area.

  • Notice if there is clutter, chaos, struggle, resistance to a chore, avoidance.

  • Clear clutter and chaos, pay bills, notice if you are on the struggle bus.

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Understanding the Feng Shui bagua map:

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Understanding Resistance

Understanding Resistance

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Stop Running in Circles