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Your breakthrough is waiting.

Jen Heilman Amanda Kingsley

Life is full of transitions and change...

For most people change is hard and it can feel lonely, frustrating, and even scary. 

Sometimes we choose change because we are ready
for our next level of service to the world,
but sometimes it chooses us before we feel ready.

No one thinks they'll face divorce when they get married,
expects to change careers after that long desired promotion finally comes through, 
or looks ahead to the 'empty nest' when their babies are born...

But each of these transitions is an opportunity for transformation...

An opportunity to deepen your knowledge of self,

a chance to uncover your deepest truth,

and to move through life with growing purpose.


Finally THRIVING as you were intended to Thrive!


We are here to be your co-pilots as you rise from your challenges

and move forward with your desires.




Connected Growth Coaching

where we help you re-discover who you are and learn to thrive
through the use of ancient wisdom and a revolutionary co-coaching model.

  • We will thoroughly explore your life through the lens of feng shui and numerological insight to unlock your innate talents, abilities, and desires...creating an ease and flow in your life that you've never experienced before. 

  • We will teach you the life changing impact of thought awareness and how being in control of your thoughts gives way to creating a life where you are the master of your destiny. 

  • We will uproot your self-sabotaging beliefs and behaviors and put you back on your path to a life filled with passion, purpose and prosperity.

Connected Growth Coaching is all of this and more...



Two coaches guiding YOU forward towards one breakthrough after another...
We're ready to show you how to up-level your game so you can live YOUR absolute best life.


Lauren Vanessa Zink - Connected Growth Coaching Client

Lauren Vanessa Zink - Connected Growth Coaching Client

Beyonce and Jay-Z. Amal and George. Amanda and Jen. 
There are so few Power Couples on this level.  
I'm not gonna lie, you guys. Before I started working with these two, part of me was like, "Meh. Life coaching and feng shui. So I'll move some furniture and talk about a goal or two." 

What. A. Naive. Sweet. Baby. Honey. Child. I. Was. 
Amanda and Jen are better than therapy. I don't know how I got so lucky to get to work with them, but I am crazy amounts of happy that I did. I wake up early to do these calls, and if you know me, you know that's the most profound review I could ever leave 😉 
In a single session, Amanda opened up my eyes to how I run MY ENTIRE LIFE. Seriously. Every call, it's like, "Oh, there's that belief I didn't know I had again. Man, that's sneaky! I'm so glad I have Amanda to change the way my brain works. I can't wait to use this same mind juju on my own friends..." 
And then Jen comes in, and before I know it we're talking about this one thing my dad said 17 years ago that's been messing with me ever since, and I'm like, "How did she do that??!!!!"  Breakthrough, breakthrough, breakthrough, breakthrough. That's working with these two in a nutshell.


Curious already? Let's dive in so you can see what we're all about! We offer free 15 minute complimentary Brainstorm Breakthrough Session to stir the growth juices in your life and/or business. You pick a time and we work our magic in a 3 way group chat that will knock your socks off.  Prepare yourself for transformation. It starts now. It starts with YOU saying "YES" 


Intrigued? Excited? 

Ready to learn more? You can start here!

believe again breakthrough

Believe Again Breakthroughs

You don't have to let old stories or energetic blocks stand in your way anymore. If things have felt a little out of whack, a little off kilter, or in need of some re-energizing, THIS is the place for you.

Big Bang, Small Buck »

Connected Growth Co-Coaching

Connected Growth Co-Coaching

Have you tried lots of things that work for a little while and then lose their magic? Do you know you are destined to do more, experience more, and serve more in this life you've been given? We're here to help!

I'm All IN»


“What you think, you become.
What you feel, you attract.
What you imagine, you create.”
― Gautama Buddha

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Feng Shui Friday's!

The most rocking Q&A of your week! Let us help you get unstuck, motivated, and or inspired to have more fun in your life.


Collaboration Magic!

You + Two coaches = Life Changing Results. Bring us your frustrations, challenges, dreams, and desires, and we'll bring you everything we know about how to make your life AWESOME!

Connected Growth Coaching

What's the word on the street?

We love our clients to the moon and back and they feel the same way about us. It's one big celebration of growth and discovery as we all get connected.