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Knowledge & Self Cultivation

Love & Relationships

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  • I’m not sure how to work through this emotional hurdle that arose…

  • I can’t figure out how to make the change you suggested…

  • I wasn’t expecting this result, is it normal…

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Change the world

Knowledge & Self Cultivation

Meditation Pillow

Meditation Pillow

Quiet Your Mind

Screen Shot 2019-02-17 at 1.35.46 PM.png

Cozy Throw Blanket

Celebrate the Richness of Purple

Screen Shot 2019-02-17 at 1.21.19 PM.png

Life Changing…

The first book that ROCKED my world -Amanda

Blue Agate

Blue Agate for Calm

Stones for healing


Love & Relationships


Get to know each other.

Mindfulness card game to have more meaningful and insightful conversations with loved ones in offline settings - perfect for groups of all ages

Rose Quartz Bracelet

Feel the love energy

5 Love Languages

5 Love Languages