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Who: YOU (and all your amazingness), ME (with a focus in mindset, thought work, and the WHY), and JEN (with her ninja Feng Shui knowledge and intuitive gifts)

What: The most rocking Q&A of your week! Let us help you get unstuck, motivated, and or inspired to have more fun in your life.

When: We're always adding dates and you can watch the recordings ANYTIME How cool is that?

Where: We will hop on Facebook live on Amanda Kingsley's page and you can come into the comments with questions, sticking points, and or decisions you are wanting to make in your life. We work our magic to help you get unstuck and everyone feels amazing afterwards. 

Because these are recorded you can watch live or enjoy the recording. 

If you can't come on live but have a question, or something for us to address, send us a message before the call or ask in the event discussion and we will answer as many of you as we can in the 30 minutes. 

Why: Because we have tools that can help you live a better life and we want you to have access to them!

Due to time, we will only be answering questions during the 30 minutes each Friday, so if you have a question come on live or ask before the call. LIVE guests will have priority.

Feng Shui Friday